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Leigh O'Connor
Free affiliation, County Cup Entry and Public Liability Insurance for all clubs and leagues for the 20/21 season
Dear All,

We would like to start this update by sending our heartfelt condolences to the families, friends and colleagues of those within the Middlesex football family who have sadly passed away, as a result of Covid-19. Our thoughts are with everyone that has been affected by the virus at this very difficult time. We would also like to express our thanks to all the key workers out there, we have a huge amount of respect and gratitude for everything you have done and continue to do. 

Over the last two months we have been committed to produce a support package that safeguards the future of the game in our County, Middlesex. I have personally experienced the challenges you all have through my role as Club Secretary/Treasurer seeing no income for the club during these unprecedented circumstances.  With this in mind, we have had to be creative across the organisation to ensure our plan supports you best.  

We are delighted to confirm the following decisions have been approved to help support you, our clubs, leagues and the wider grassroots game for the 2020/21 season. We see this is an opportunity for the Middlesex Football Family to come back stronger as we value the hard work you all do across the County in the nation’s favourite game. 

 Free club and team affiliation for the 2020/21 season
 Free entry to all County Cups
 Free Public Liability Insurance
 Discounted Personal Accident Insurance through our new insurance partner ‘UKGlobal’ (further details will be distributed when affiliation opens)
 Free League Sanctioning
 Free Referee Personal Accident Insurance

Our number one priority since lockdown has been to ensure everyone stays safe by following government advice and adhering to the regulations. During this period, we have been collaborating with The Football Association to confirm the best way to support our stakeholders and help us return to the grass. 
We are extremely grateful for the funding The FA and Sport England have made available to enable us to make the financial decisions above and also the Middlesex FA Board of Directors for their approval. Without The FA and Sport England’s support and investment into the grassroots game the impact on participation in Middlesex and beyond would have been devastating. 

We all believe and are conscious of the current financial pressures and we hope this comes as good news and goes some way to helping you prepare for the forthcoming season. We are optimistic about the future and are excited to continue connecting with our stakeholders and inspiring our community to get back involved in football. 

Further information regarding Staffing, Safeguarding, Affiliation, Referee Registration, Rectory Park, Middlesex Learning, County Cups and all other areas of the game will be released in the coming weeks. Please keep visiting our COVID-19 News and Support section on our website for up to date information. 

Stay safe, keep well and follow government advice during this very challenging time. 

Kind Regards,

Leigh O’Connor

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Posted (edited)

It says on Football Mitoo that the Middlesex Football County League  2020/21 Season is currently under construction.


Edited by Savagebee

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Savagebee - I take it you have seen the photographs of the Official Opening of Rectory Park on 12 September 2019:

Rectory Park Official Opening Cermony


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17 hours ago, Rhodes said:

Savagebee - I take it you have seen the photographs of the Official Opening of Rectory Park on 12 September 2019:

I haven't been there yet but I'm told that it's at very nice set up there.

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Taken from Middlesex FA Twitter page.



The FA has today issued guidance to all grassroots football and informal football activity outside the professional game.

Consistent with Government advice, published on Wednesday 13 May, the following outdoor football activity is currently permitted:

  • playing football individually e.g. practice of individual skills or fitness activities;
  • playing football with your family or other people living in your household;
  • an individual can play football with one other person who is not from their household.
  • coaching an adult player one to one.

All social distancing guidelines must be followed.

Additionally, maintaining a grass or artificial football pitch is permitted, as long as social distancing and appropriate hygiene practices are adopted.

If an individual is symptomatic, living in a household with a possible COVID-19 infection or if you are classified as extremely vulnerable on health grounds, the guidance is that you should remain at home.

The following football activity is not permitted at this time, consistent with Government guidelines:

  • coaching a child (U18) from a different household one to one. In order to comply with The FA’s safeguarding policy, a child must have a parent/carer with them, which doesn’t comply with Government social distancing requirements;
  • two or more people from one household playing with one person or more from outside their household.

The FA will continue to work with the Government and Sport England in order to provide guidance to grassroots football as the Government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy moves to the next phase.

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