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Good luck

old towner

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It may have been a good game against a strong side, but thats now 2 years in a row that we've bowed out to sides at a comparable or lower in the footballing pyramid. We miss out on much-needed funds once again.

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2 hours ago, old towner said:

where do we go from here ?

Well, sadly not the next round of the Cup!

Not sure I can call for AL's head just yet - given that Peterborough Sports finished last season top of their division and very much in with a shout of promotion to the National League (had things not been curtailed). Plus a 2-2 draw over 90mins doesn't feel like a defeat. Still, I might start sharpening my axe a little.

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This is a disaster for the club given the current situation . A loss of prize money revenue is going to hurt us badly . If fans are stopped coming into matches again then I dread to think how much further the purse strings can be squeezed.  They must be getting near choking point by now .!!

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Unfortunately I have to agree with all of the above. 

However, I must say that the FA have made it difficult for away sides, especially in the qualifying rounds, to make much head way. So much of the adjusted competition's rules being stacked in favour of the home side. The no draw rule after 90 minutes takes away the opportunity of the away side obtaining a replay. An even more illogical decision is that no extra time should be played even when both teams are already on the pitch. Might as well spin a coin to start with and avoid the expense of travel. But then the FA like Government are invariably made up of amateurs and find it hard to think things through.

But then I suppose in the real world there are more important matters for us all to consider. Like when I will be able to pick up my Season Ticket etc!!!!  

Keep safe everyone.

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Completely agree with 4wembleyfinals! Whilst I didn't really want to be in Peterborough for an extra half hour on a Tuesday night, going straight to penalties with no extra time didn't feel right. Penalties always feels unfair when you lose - and brilliant when you win! - but it almost made the journey feel worthless last night! That's how disappointed I was - I agree with others that, financially, last night's result was a disaster but, unfortunately, even with best intentions football has a habit of kicking you in the unmentionables!

An objective view of last night, 18 hours after the event, is that we came up against a very good side and acquitted ourselves pretty well for the most part, especially when you consider that was our second game in a few days with little training in the previous 2 weeks due to the Covid isolation. I thought we were on top for the first half, definitely off the pace for the majority of the second half (too much giving the ball away in the midfield area) but did well to claw our way back into the game before the dreaded penalties. Only one miss (actually a save) from either team - and that from our regular penalty taker who rarely misses. Typical - but happens to the best of players, Billy! Man of the match for me was the Peterborough Sports No 10.

The attendance was given as 235 - seemed like more, with a good attendance from our fans even if some understandably chose to stay at home. Actually I thought Peterborough Sports handled the game well and certainly better than some of us were expecting when we heard they would only take cash. A very friendly and efficient young lady dealt with the NHS Test & Trace details and signage was clear, with one way systems in operation in part. Seemed like a nice club and I wish them well in the next round.

Their twitter feed (@PSLFC) has some very nice things to say about our club and our fans including '2 top sides and as good a game as seen for some time. But off the field a class act with travelling supporters a real credit to you with numerous comments from our staff about their friendliness. What Non-League is about'. Another said ' the London side (is) one of the best I have seen at the Bee Arena'. Well done everybody, even if the lottery of penalties went against us.

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I must admit i was nervous going into our tie at Long Melford as they are a couple of levels below and i thought they may put everyone behind the ball and play for penalties. Lucky enough we scored an early goal and were always too good for them although they deserve credit for the way they played and they are a well run club, plus there was great banter between the fans. I totally agree with you about why extra time shouldn't be played it does give too much of an advatange to the home side, anyway see you in November providing there is no lockdown again....fingers crossed.

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