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Observations from this evening

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Firstly well done all the volunteers for making the covid entry system quick and efficient. 

As for the game...

Why play Joe RB when we have a readymade RB on the bench and we were so lacking the creative spark Joe offers in CM?

What formation were we playing? as honestly it was one of the most disjointed performances I've seen for many seasons. Too many stray passes, no commitment, no one speaking or encouragement out there.

The only tactics I could work out was giving it to poor Ellis in the hope he'd pull something out the bag. There's only so much he can do on his own.

Defence couldn't deal with any pace all evening, midfield void of any creativity/ideas and forwards starved of service. On another day the errors may not have happened and we may have come away with a draw however that performance and the second half Vs 10 men walthamstow is worrying.



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I would like to know what happened to the team we had in preseason who looked up for it , who was playing some great football against  sides in higher leagues and had  unfinished business. and the drive and determination to go on and potentially wanting to win the league .

I know we have injuries, which doesn't bode well for us, but we were 2-0 up and looked like we could've had more , then it just fell apart with  conceding sloppy goals and an inconsistent ref wearing yellow frilly knickers!!

But its still early days and things will change which I'm sure they will!

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Louis Ramsey was subbed after 20ish minutes on Saturday so I expect he was on the bench because still carrying a knock.
So, either Joe or Ellis at right back and you don't really want either one there out of choice.
Yeah, it did fall apart a bit but these days happen.
Even in the most worst case scenario anyone could imagine I don't think you could have anticipated so many injuries so early in the season.
Just need to cross fingers for the next few games and look forward to the better times when once again there is competition for all positions rather than the fittest eleven playing.

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