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The Crowing Cockerel

ETFC 2 Kingstonian 1

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Battling team performance in awful conditions. Went one down from an unfortunate slip by the otherwise excellent Peppera. Got our two goals back with great timing but should have wrapped it up well before on chances. Timely subs and a great cameo performance from Percy who was superb to watch , charging with great strength at the opposition defence. Well done to the team Andy and Mario on a great win against a side who have ambitions this season.

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Terrific match last night!! I thought the quality of football played by both teams was a credit to the non-league game.

I was encouraged straightaway when I saw we had stuck with the same starting 11. Our back 4 just look “proper”. Really good to see skilful players at left back and right back (old school terminology) and each time I see Youngs and Blackman are starting in midfield, I know that part of the spine is secure.

I’ve read a lot about Scott Thomas and saw why last night. Very intelligent player, always seems to know where the ball is going to go. Wins more than his fair share of 50-50’s and, like Blackman, takes the sensible option when passing. No need to showboat or keep trying the type of pass that comes off only 1 in 10 times. Keeps it simple, crisp and on the deck.

I commented after the Leatherhead match that if we could take the same grit and determination we showed there, and add the passing game that we saw during the first half at Stortford, we would play well. That is exactly what the team did last night.

We dominated the first half and were unlucky to go in a goal down. Pepera slipped at just the wrong moment and the Kingstonian striker took his chance well. It was heart in mouth time because I thought Pepera was going to foul the guy, which would have resulted in a red card and probably a penalty (he looked like he was just inside the box when he shot). Good decision by our defender not to “take one for the team”. Lovely flowing move near the end of the first half ended with a Blackman shot just over the bar.

Great delivery by Della Verde for the equaliser early in the second half, bending into the box the type of cross that Bricknell must dream about. He wasn't going to miss and sure enough, buried the header. Bricknell’s close touch and control must be one of the best in the league. I like the way he berates himself if he doesn’t control a ball that mere mortals like me would wave a leg at and groan after missing it completely.

Kingstonian had the lion’s share of the possession after the equaliser and played some good/risky stuff but despite keeping the ball, I don’t recall them making many clear cut chances. We looked dangerous on the break and another great delivery from a Della Verde free kick into a packed penalty area 2 minutes from time saw a late winner that will keep home team fans smiling for days. I echo 55 season’s comment re Percy - his run down the line towards the box won the free kick (terrific strength and skill).

Loved Weatherstone’s tweet saying he doesn’t claim other players’ goals (then claimed Urquhart’s goal 😆). I was standing at the side and had no idea who scored but having seen the clips on Twitter, it looks like Urquhart got the first header in and was quickest to react to stab the rebound home.

Last night’s performance should fill the team with confidence for Corinthian Casuals on Saturday. Let’s keep the momentum and positivity going 👏👏👏

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A cracking, if wet, night out at the QEII.

Battled as a team, plenty of heart, deserved the win based on the first half performance alone.

And nothing quite compares to a nicked winner on 88 mins from a superb cross.


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