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Carshalton Ath. v Enfield Town

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McDonald,  Muleba,  Chappell, Thomas, Pepera,  Urquhart, Gyebi,  Blackman, Nzembela,  Kiangebeni,  Della-Verde


Mubiayi, Taafe,  Small, Youngs, Asari

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Just stopped watching. AL has just turned back the clock to where he came in. Enough is enough. Heaven help us next week. Watched 30 minutes and didn't see the Town string two passes together. But lots of hands an hips and gesticulating.

We are going nowhere. No organisation, no spirit and no Management!!!! AL has lost it!!!!

Now for the flack and usual excuses, please don't bother it has all been said for the past three years. Don't blame the players they aren't all bad. Why is Taafe left on the bench each week. If he is unfit don't pick him. But if he is fit then play him. He is one one the best passers in the team.

Ha yes, the old chestnut, have a chat with the manager. About what?????? 

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Thanks for that information djwilf. I watched the match from distance away, and quite frankly I wish I hadn't. This was always going to be a hard match, but I thought our guys were always second best this afternoon.

What I find very difficult to understand is the sharp contrast between our home and away form. We have a 100% home record, 4 wins from 4 matches, as good as anyone else in the Premier Division, yet one of the worst away records, with 4 defeats from 5 matches. It is still early days, but this erratic form has to be of concern, and needs to be addressed if Town are to be in the mix at the end of the season.

Next weekend we entertain Ramsgate in the FA Trophy. Today they played Burgess Hill away in the League and beat them 0-3, so a moral-boosting win for The Rams and they will be up for it next Saturday. This is a 'must win match' for us, and we need a good run in this competition to generate much needed FA prize money income for our Club.

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I can't understand why you lot keep moaning ?? Your 4th from top in the table "Not 4th from bottom "  Things go wrong in football quite often , thats life I'm afraid.  😏

However its a good feeling Ambers being above Townies , Long may it continue 😄

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I am not surprised LH at our current away record. I believe that these statistics  reflects that we have only have one way of playing, whether we are at home and away.  The team management do not seem to have recourse to another format especially when away. Our present system is very tenuous at home and extremely reckless away. This to me shows a complete ineptness,  or lack of understanding of what is required, amongst the playing management. As you will see, this fact is gradually becoming recognised by many  members of this forum. 

As you correctly say, next week is a must win for us. Especially if we are to reap any further financial benefit. No matter how welcome this would be it will still only paint over the creaks. Sooner later than never something has to be done about the team structure. We cannot hide behind our financial status for ever.

Now in pure contrast I must arrange my ticket for next week. After all there has to be a silver lining some where😊.



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