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Pred'n Lg Cup - S/F results. Final is 31 Oct at 15:00

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An enjoyable game I thought on Saturday - "offside" goals notwithstanding.  Excellent work by the Supporters' Association again on the Covid arrangements.  We are lucky to have such a dedicated band.

And so to the Prediction League.  Nobody remembers a semi final loser - or so the legend goes - so there's no point in mentioning them. But everyone loves a winner. So a big well done to Mick The Bat who won through largely on the back of getting Barca-Real Madrid spot on, and to our "new girl" Kentish Maid who essentially progressed by getting the Annan-Stranraer game similarly nailed.  Amazing knowledge of the foreign game from these two. (Despite the Maid claiming to know diddly-squat about Scottish Div 2 - clearly she speaketh with forked tongue).

The Big Final is next Saturday, and tickets have already sold out so there's no point looking for one on the HFC ticket portal.  If you wish to predict in secret, feel free to PM or text me.

Note that Saturday's real world fixtures are a bit dull but I can only work with what I've got, (as the Scotland manager is frequently forced to point out).

See below for the details.  If you look hard you will be able to identify the losing semi-finalists, and yes, hard luck to you both.  LOSERS.

Prediction League Emergency Cup Semi Finals:


Prediction League Emergency Cup FINAL: Saturday 31st October by 15:00

   Salad Cream Blues (Mick The Bat)   v-v   Falls' Fools FC (Kentish Maid)

Matches to predict :-

FC Dallas v Houston Dynamo
Burnley v Chelsea
QPR v Cardiff City
Boreham Wood v Digger Dagger
Bowers v Hornchurch (score before extra time/pens)
Att : 

The "Texas Derby" is the late game, so it may all come down to that - happenings in the USA may finally have some significance to our loyal subscribers!

Yours in shock and awe


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I researched!  Oh poor Nick...higher score than the other semi finalists.  I got 11, could we stop now?  No, I thought not.  America...for goodness sake.  I was expecting the Aldershot and District. 

As I drove home through those awful conditions on Saturday, with the car blowing all over, and the Barca result on the radio, I thought I had BLOWN it prediction wise. Hee hee.  That atlas and investigating Annan's weather scraped me through, phew.

PS Why am I away?

PPS I have no text number.  Does it tell me somewhere on here how I can PM?  If so, I'll find out I guess.  Now if I were PM.......

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11 hours ago, Kentish Maid said:

PS Why am I away?

You're not.  It's the final so neutral.  This year we are at Cup of Tea Avenue, a once grand ground, now sadly a bit dilapidated, though still atmospheric.  Like the team itself actually.   Salad Cream Blues are stated first as that game was first on the spreadsheet and you don't mess with the spreadsheet.

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FC Dallas 2 v 2 Houston Dynamo
Burnley 0 v 3 Chelsea
QPR 1 v 1 Cardiff City
Boreham Wood2 v Digger Dagger
Bowers 0 v 2 Hornchurch (score before extra time/pens)
Att : 302

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Oh Daggers is off. That's 4 points gone.  I have little faith in my preddies this week.  C'mon Neil Harris do the business for one of your old fans!


FC Dallas 2  v1  Houston Dynamo
Burnley 0  v 2  Chelsea
QPR 0  v 1  Cardiff City
Boreham Wood 2 v 0  Digger Dagger
Bowers 1  v 2  Hornchurch (score before extra time/pens)
Att : 256

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