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Sponsored walk - its back !!!!

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Some of you know, and some of you may not know, us Hornchurch fans have a recent history of walking to a ground to watch the Chins and in the process raise money for charities and Project Urchin. Our  list so far is Maidstone, Witham, and Tonbridge Angels raising over £18k in the process . Although its tough i can honestly say each and every person that has taken part has enjoyed it and made some good mates for life.

Well this season we intend to push ourselves to the limit and walk the 61 miles to Lewes on the 27th March 2021 over 2 and a half days (24.1 miles day one , 26.4 miles day two , and he last 10 miles on the morning of the game).  We have around six people already committed but wanted to see if anyone else would be interested, if you are get in touch so we can keep you informed etc.

Now for the reason, we intend to split the sponsorship raised 50/50 with Project Urchin which i hope you all know about and Lenox Childrens Charity a local charity that help families, in a variety of ways, for children that are suffering with Cancer . Take a look at the website some lovely but heart wrenching stories http://www.lennoxccf.org.uk/case-studies 

Be great to expand on our numbers, up the Chins  

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