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Stewards Fine Footie Yobs!!

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Stewards Fine Footie Yobs


SOCCER fans face being fined up to £80 for yobbish behaviour at games — by STEWARDS.


Clubs will be able to get special accreditation for officials so they can dish out fixed penalties.


Stewards are getting similar powers to traffic wardens, who last week were given "licences" to dish out fines of up to £100 for minor road offences.


The soccer fines will apply to a string of offences — including £80 for causing harassment, alarm or distress.


Adults who buy alcohol for under-18s could be hit with a £40 fine. Supporters drinking in a designated public place near a ground could be fined £40, while yobs who throw fireworks face an £80 penalty.


Shadow Home Secretary David Davis fumed: "Last week it was traffic wardens, this week security guards and football stewards. What next? Lollipop ladies?”


The latest move is part of Home Secretary David Blunkett’s Anti-Social Behaviour Act, which became law yesterday.


Chief constables will licence club stewards and private security guards to issue the fines from March 31. They will decide which fines such accredited officials can issue.


But only police officers will be able to fine people for being drunk and disorderly.


Stewards can call the police as back-up if people will not give their names.


Fans who fail to pay within 21 days will get a written demand and could then be taken to court if they do not comply.


A Home Office spokesman said: "We see accreditation as an important way of harnessing the energy and commitment of private employers such as those who patrol shopping malls and town centres or supervise crowds in sports stadia."


But chairman of the Football Supporters’ Federation Malcolm Clarke said: "Our fear would be that fans would be fined unjustly by inexperienced or unqualified stewards."


The Home Office stressed that chief constables would only give the powers to stewards fit to dish out fines.


The Tories blasted ministers for giving traffic wardens, binmen, other council workers and now stewards sweeping new powers to fine people for everything from dropping litter to minor road offences.


Shadow Home Secretary David Davis added: "David Blunkett must be crazy to give the power to levy fines to these people. Under Labour, law-abiding citizens will not be able to step outside their front door without a fine before long."


But Mr Blunkett defended the massive crackdown.


He said: "Those who are causing misery to other people can expect to be jumped on like a ton of bricks."



Is this the end for EFM?? <img src="/images/graemlins/shocked.gif" alt="" />


(Of course not - EFM are fking loaded!!) <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />



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