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Prediction League. It's BACK. Starts Sat 9 Jan. New joiners welcome. Fixtures out on Monday

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Greetings everyone.  Happy Holidays.

Back in November there was a broad nod of approval for a new prediction league in the New Year.  Since then it’s been a bit off/on/off with the Urchins’ games, but hey, let’s get on with it, yeah? 

I will assume for now that all existing players will re-join (that was the way the vote was going), plus our cup holder Kentish Maid.  I’ll check separately with the mysterious “Nick”.

This would leave the probable set-up as :


However – new players are more than welcome, and we may have some drop-outs,  so the final make-up will be confirmed on Monday 4th January when I’ll send out the head-to-heads and the prediction matches for the first week of the season.  Which will be Saturday 9th Jan 2021.

If you definitely don’t want to take part – please let me know (on here or a PM) before Monday.  Similarly if you are a newbie – let me know – it is extraordinarily easy to play. Even Jordan can manage it (when he remembers to predict).

If we get more than 20 then I regret to say that 1961 COYS will be reprieved (again!), along with The Hatted Urchin.  If we get under 17 then it gets very complicated but Luke and MikeMike will be gracing Collier Row (South) for another year!  (Never happened mind).  Whatever happens it will be the normal 14 match season unless Covid causes another full break

I’ll ask for a voluntary donation of a fiver as this gives the club a bit of money (normally a tenner for the 2 seasons so feel free to demonstrate largesse if you so wish).  Mr D and Lord Up go free as they won last year.  I'll collect the money one day.  2023 maybe,

That’s it.

Any questions, let me know.

If you wanna join, let me know.

If you wanna leave, let me know – but your life will lack meaning.



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On 31/12/2020 at 15:40, DiamondGeezer said:

I’ll go DiamondGeezers please 🤙🏼

That'll do nicely. Thanks. Mike needed a bit more help!

Meanwhile Mysterious Nick has announced his intention to play again.  This had absolutely nothing to do with helping secure a reprieve from relegation for 1961 COYS.  No, nothing at all.

So we could have 22.  A record in the modern era.

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