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Prediction Lg - Wk 1 results. Wk 2 matches by 12:30, Sat 16 Jan.

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Very honest Baby Jago.  Clearly you don't take after your father. 

Yes - the Villa game is off so the Palmeiras-Gremio game comes into play....  unfortunatley this was switched to the early hours of this morning - and finished 1-1.  Which a lot of us went for anyway so well done!

Anyway - here are the offline predictions (from before the Palmeiras match!):


Antalyaspor 1-1 Trabzonspor
Wolves 1-1 West Brom (12:30)
Villa 1-1 Everton
Orient 1-1 Morecambe
Hornchurch 1-1 King’s Lynn (before any extra time)

Covid contingency game :
Palmeiras 1-1 Gremio


Antalyaspor 1-1 Trabzonspor
Wolves 2-1 West Brom (12:30)
Villa pp Everton
Orient 1-2 Morecambe
Hornchurch 1-2 King’s Lynn (before any extra time)  ^^^^ ALERT ALERT !!! ^^^^
Palmeiras 0-0 Gremio

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