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Wembley dream - now a reality

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Well done to Mark, his coaching staff and the squad for today's incredible achievement against all the odds - you've done the club and yourselves proud.  You will always be remembered at Hornchurch FC as legends.

Well done also to Colin, Alex, Jordan,  Ken, anyone from the Supporters' Association etc etc etc. I've missed out loads of names and some I don't know, but you know who you are and, as someone who saw his first Hornchurch match in around 1982 and where pretty much every season the hope of getting to a Wembley final would be dashed by around mid-October, rest assured you have my undying respect and gratitude.

I know from past experience how difficult it is to keep a football club running - many don't see the immense amount of work that goes on in the background - so huge kudos from me for all of you. I'm certain, also, that people I have known that have worked hard for this club over the years, and are sadly no longer with us, would be super proud of you too.

Unfortunately for me, after patiently waiting for this moment and despite the fact fans will be allowed to attend the Final, I cannot, at this moment in time, attend as I'm due to work that weekend.

I feel a conversation with my manager is in order on Monday morning...

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24 hours ago we were just starting to sit down to watch the match, everyone doing their own ore match rituals, thinking whatever happens we are so proud of our boys. What unfolds in the next 3 and a bit hours is something that dreams truly are made of, dare to dream and this is what happens. Stimson, the players abs everyone else involved in the club, if they weren’t at legendary status before yesterday, they sure are now. Cannot wait to show my gratitude on the 22nd May, vocal training begins tomorrow...

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I had a strange dream last night I was playing for Hx at Wembley against Hereford and I scored a 70 yard own goal, it went to VAR and was given in our favour! so that’s 1-0, then they scored within a minute so that’s 1-1.. then I woke up! Funniest thing is though the ref was made out of plastic like a 6 foot Subbuteo figure. Very odd😂


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