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Even Junior EFM Aren't Safe Now!!

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Parents Fined For Yobs, 10


PARENTS face on-the-spot fines for the yobbish behaviour of their TEN-YEAR-OLDS, Tony Blair ruled yesterday.


The shock move was ordered by the PM in a massive crackdown on anti-social behaviour.


Tearaway kids aged between ten and 16 who set off fireworks, booze, shout abuse and spray graffiti will be targeted.


And youngsters making hoax 999 calls, jumping on parked cars and behaving like yobs will also face the rap.


Cops will be able to take them straight home where their parents will have to pay up there and then.


Law changes out this week allow fixed penalties to be dished out to yobs aged 16 and over.


But yesterday Mr Blair said the policy will be widened to take in kids as young as ten.


The Tories’ Shadow Home Secretary David Davis said: “This is nonsense which will do nothing to solve real problems surrounding anti-social behaviour.”


Crime by under-16s has soared 60 per cent since Labour came to power.



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So the kids run riot on the housing estate and the cops take the kids home and say "you owe us £80", so the single parent on benifit gets her purse out and the rolls of tenners and pays up on the spot.

Gotta laugh haven't ya!

Maybe the goverment should be looking at ways of tackling kids boredom instead of punishing the parents when the bored kids start being anti-social!

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I'll go with that Zealster EFM !


Bring back the good old days.


Nowt wrong with two years Nation Service, Borstals and the birch !


(Ah, sweet memories !)

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