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The book will include -

Contributions from Alex Sharp, Mark Stimson, Colin McBride, Norman Posner, our two commentators Jago and Luke, and ALL OF THE PLAYERS.

The first part is a review of 2019-20 as this was when Mark began to build the team.

Then a review of the current season. This is in two parts. Part 1 covers the Isthmian League and the FA Cup. Part 2 covers all of our Trophy matches, both from our own viewpoint and also from our opponents.

There is a separate section devoted to the players, and another for our supporters.

PHOTOS - All the Trophy games, plus a special section on the Wembley final - at least 100 photos. 

The book will be large size (same as the AFC Hornchurch history), and approximately 100 pages.

The price is likely to be £8 to £10.

Anyone who orders in advance will have their name published in the book. Please let me know your real names or if preferred I can use your pen-names.

1 - And 1 In The Tree

2 - Fred Hawthorn x 3

3 Pete Parish

4 Keith Andrews

5 Jason Hollely-Bessey

6 Wally D

7 Obis

8 Wivenhoe Urchin

9 Kel

10 Ian Hodgkinson

11 Ann Hodgkinson

12 Peter Hay

13 Scott Evans

14 Gary Evans

15 Ross Evans

16 Chris Harris

17 Jean and Pete Burd

18 Norman Posner

19 Mark Jones

20 Blackballed 

21 Digits

22 Eddie Wheeler

23 Elliot Coster

24 Joe "The Geordie" Trotter

25 Luke Binda

26 Mitchell Walker

27 Jordan Newman

28 Russell Clinton

29 Martin Clinton

30 Paul Le Vicount

31 Brian Le Vicount

32 Paul Child

33 Mark Wootton

34 Robert Burgess

35 Richard Rumsby

36 Andy Dickinson

37 Ray Stainer

38 David Stainer

39 Chris Smith

40 Luke Dyerson 

41 Max

42 Barry Monaghan

43 Ted Denham

44 Stephen Brabner

45 Robert Brabner

46 Mike Carolan

47 Dave Abbs

48 Dave Cook

49 Peter Trinder

50  Chris Benjamin

51 Reg Scott






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Ozz - Treeboy -  Not the Real Steve West - Wally - Kel - Wivenhoe Urchin - Obis added.

What title do you want? A Pub Team From Hornchurch - Wembley Winners 

Suggestions welcome.

I would like as many as possible to let me know that they want the book, and all pre-orders will be named on the inside page.

The structure -


Luke (our commentator)

Jago (co-commentator)

Part 1 - The first full season under Mark Stimson

Part 2 - The current season, divided into two parts - the Isthmian League and F.A. Cup and a separate section devoted to the TROPHY.

Player Profiles - Detailed profiles of all the current season players.

Stats - all line ups, scorers, bookings, assists, for the current season.

Photos - at least fifty.

Please add your names to this thread.



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I hope you have a little more information maybe a couple of pages extra for the George Purcell reaching 150 club goals in the book too,  Or will you be writing a book dedicated to that remarkable achievement.


Thanks Ann, Ian, Pete - and yes, George Purcell will get a special page - Remember - "He's Here, He's There, He's Every .... Where"

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One for me pleaseYjanls


Thanks - can you confirm please what name you want on the subscription list?

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One for me dagger have a few photos of the games as well in various capacity 


Thanks - added to subscription list.

What name do you want to use?

Re-photos - can you send them to me on AFCHTM@HOTMAIL.CO.UK please.

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Thanks for doing this Tony.

And as it seems I'm contributing 😉 I'd better have a copy or two.

So please reserve 4 named copies as follows:

Eddie Wheeler (aka Baby Jago)
Elliot Costa
Joe "The Geordie" Trotter
Luke Binda

Many thanks



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The Subscription List is growing rapidly, but there is plenty of room for more.

Can anyone whose name appears as a "pen name" please contact me at AFCHTM@HOTMAIL and let me know what name you want on the subscribers' page please?

Blackballed - no need to contact me as I know who you are.



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On 25/05/2021 at 08:13, UrchinYid said:

I'll have one please Tony.




Thanks - added to list - what name do you want me to use?


Hi Tony, could I please have 'Mitchell Walker'?


Thanks - added to list.



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Posted (edited)

Hi Tony.  Two more please:

  • Russell Clinton
  • Martin Clinton

Also - please drop "Baby Jago" from Eddie Wheeler.

Many thanks



Thanks John - and please pass on my thanks to Joe The Geordie, the leader of the Newcastle branch of our supporters club. 

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Posted (edited)

To clarify, 2 for me, 1 in my real (classified on forum) name and 2) mark wootton.

title suggestion from me should be something like “all the way to Wembley - the journey of the pub team from hornchurch” or something like that. Wembley at the start and no spoilers in the title even though we knew we would etc.

I took this pic of the one tackle wonder as we left the stadium, welcome to use it for book if you like. 


Thanks - it's a great photo - can you send me a copy please - AFCHTM@HOTMAIL.CO.UK 9C5560CB-D694-4557-8A6A-EB407436B856.thumb.jpeg.abdfb3c9446fe4fb3f6170a8e9aabd9c.jpeg


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  • Dagger03 changed the title to ONE NIL DOWN - THREE ONE UP - THE BOOK

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