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Hereford 1-3 Hornchurch

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On 23/05/2021 at 19:44, Jago said:

An utterly fantastic day.  Actually the win over Notts County was the big one for me - as it was SO unexpected and it got us to Wembley - but I'm still pinching myself after yesterday's performance.  The culmination of a huge amount of work by the team, the management, and all behind the scenes. Thoroughly deserved: I'm so happy for everyone, especially Colin and Ken.

I genuinely never thought I'd live to see this day.  And I'm quite old.

Let's hope we can keep the squad together and kick-on next season.  And keep a goodly number of those new (or returning) fans.  I'm really quite confident on both of these... why wouldn't you want to stay involved?

Finally - just on the Hereford fans - yes there have been a couple of negative comments, but as far as I can see they have been overwhelmingly supportive, both on-line and in person after the match.  It's easy to find specific cases of sour grapes (or "TOWIE" comments), but that doesn't make it a consensus - very far from it.

Anyway - back to the football - UUUURRRRRRCHIIIIIIINS !!!

See you all next season - at the home of the FA TROPHY WINNERS - can you believe it?



The best comment I saw from them Jage was one person saying how the double subs changed things saying we went ‘from terrible to terrifying’

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3 hours ago, aka PeteBeatz said:

Just watched the BT extended highlights, and we still won????. Must go back next season as in the excitement  we forgot to sing Harry’s song or maybe I just didn’t heat it.

It was sung after the 3rd goal and I thought was quite loud but then everyone started singing red and white army and the final whistle blew...you know the rest lol

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