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pitch invasion

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will there be any recriminations from the FA for the pitch invasion at the full time whistle?

the ones the stewards managed to stop getting onto the pitch seemed to be frogmarched away, but the majority just came back into the crowd.

would be an awful shame if we had to hand back prize money for the actions of an over-excited minority.  

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I would hope not as the stewards allowed 

masses of people to congregate at the front beforehand so you'd like to think the FA would take this into consideration.

2 mins after the original invasion you notice there were two more sneak on to the pitch completely unchallenged by the stewards.

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The security by internal.stewards was poor they should have been down in front of fans facing them and backs towards the pitch. Did little or nothing to stop people getting into pitch. I do not condone this practice of going into pitch. 

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