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Thought it would be a good idea to have a thread that captures all the media and highlights from games this season .. an easy reference point for people who werent at a game ..

COCKFOSTERS AWAY - not seen any footage anywhere online


FAN CAM: Enfield Town 0-4 Tottenham U23s: Highlights and Goals: 10 Goals & 2 Clean Sheets in 4 Days - YouTube 

Few mins of highlights at the end after a good interview with Ram!

Andy Leese Interview | Enfield Town 0- Tottenham Hotspur U23 Development - YouTube


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Not sure if Mario was watching the same game as me but I saw no passage of play or players moving the ball quickly in 90 mins.

What I saw was a complete shambles all over the park and shambolic defending which was no better than Sunday league and that's being kind.

Andy hasn't got a clue.

Long hard season ahead.

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ffs this is getting silly can any one else see a pattern here ,what is Andy playing at  its half time and 4-1 down or am I the only one that gives a f**k

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6 hours ago, old towner said:

whats the sscore so far  v hayes and yeading ??

i notice news on the team so has been removed from website

Lost 7-1 to a team at our level.

It's embarrassing all over the park but the defending is probably the worst I have ever seen from a Town side.

Sorry Andy has to go.

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Totally agree the time Andy has been with us he has won, FA , broken promises season after season 

Do members not have a vote on this  or does that mean  F A

Andy please do us a favour !!!

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So far just found the following link on twitter for one of the Hayes goals, from one of their fans behind the goal ..




Can I ask for people to use this thread just to add any media they find for games .. so it is a single resource for fans not at the game ... 


.. I am also concerned but can we have those debates on separate threads .. thanks



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On 31/08/2021 at 12:56, Raingod said:

 .... and coverage from Colombia for any spanish speaking towners ...


Enfield Town, el primer club inglés de sus hinchas | Fútbol Clase B | AS América - YouTube

vamos los forasteros, buena suerte mañana en la copa

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