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Reasonably pleased with the perfomance.Was fairly enjoyable and some good play was produced.Percy impressed.Mo was a class above and lewis worked his socks off (needs to up his fitness though.Sure that will happen with a good run of injury free games).Lots of players i wasn't familiar with but so far so good.As i always say the real test of any progression will be how we fair against the top 6 clubs in the league

Don't think our manager was at the game today?


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Someone told me Andy was away due to work commitments, and Cunnington at a Wedding, the effects of lockdown still being felt with us all catching up with work and social desires.

Nice of Bricknell to support the club with sponsorship, showing his respects in a financial way

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Decent game yesterday. I tried to put names to the 4 or so new players but struggled (I miss having the team sheet pinned on the wall by what used to be the club shop). I thought our new left back looked useful both defending and going forward. Percy deservedly man of the match, he had a fine game. Mo looked threatening each time he attacked the goal and will be disappointed that he didn’t get on the score sheet. He had 3 good chances in the second half and would have expected to put at least one of them away. The Brightlingsea keeper will be disappointed to have let Percy’s shot squeeze in just before half time, he should have kept it out. We should have got the all important second goal well before we did but the young sub took his chance in injury time very well.

My only observation with the line up was that I couldn’t work out our formation. Jerry was half of the centre back partnership but his partner didn’t play in a traditional position (so it seemed to me anyway). I like Lewis Taafe - he is a game changer at this level, I just hope he stays fit and gets a solid run of games. 

Anyway, good start to the season with more to come as the squad settle in and get to know the playing style. There was a good buzz around the ground yesterday, let’s keep the feelgood factor going …..

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I do agree ! The squad is starting to take shape after a torrid pre season. Players looking much fitter and starting to feel comfortable around each other, the formation looked like 4-2-3-1 with Maja & Scott holding who I thought done a terrific job .  Our new LB looks very good I thought him and Jerry work well together , really impressed with Jerry at the back he’s been a rock so far I hope we can continue this it’s only the beginning 

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I agree with BenJRider10 and Etfckev.

The buzz and positivity around the ground on Saturday was evident and I’m sure that feeling is felt by the players.

A nice defensive balance is developing with Josh/Rian/Jerry/Nathan with Scott/Manny holding

Scott Thomas certainly much improved from his Pre Season performances and fitness

We’ve scored 6 in two but still feel we need a bit more going forward 

Tougher tests lye ahead but 6/6 is a good start, I’d take 4 out of 6 from this weekend’s double dose in 3 days

All roads lead to Folkestone this weekend let’s hope the momentum continues

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Good to read some fair, positive comments on our performance, and the well deserved win, against a battling Brightlingsea side on Saturday. After a nightmare 100 mile journey from the south coast to see this match, I thought our guys gave a good account of themselves, there was definitely a buzz about the place, helped by our loyal fans behind the goal who gave our team plenty of support, and must say I really enjoyed the match and the atmosphere.

We have signed some decent players, who have strengthened our team, we have won our opening two League fixtures, and at present we sit proudly at the top of the Table. After some of our pre-season friendly results, I appreciate this might come as a bit of a shock to some of the sceptics on this Forum, but hopefully they might also gain some pleasure now from our Club doing well?

Yes, there is a long way to go, and we are competing with a number of clubs' with higher attendances and much larger budgets. We have a great setup at the QE2 Stadium, and some good, very capable people, working their socks off, to improve our facilities, generate income, and make our Club even more successful. They deserve our maximum support and encouragement throughout the long season ahead.

Keep the faith. COYT


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