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Webbo MFI

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In case you didn't realise we had a website (took me ages, now i can't get enough of it) here is the news <img src="/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />


Graeme Tomlinson has been released from his contract this morning. The striker, who scored seven goals for the Saints in his brief spell at Clarence Park is expected to join Billericay Town later today.

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Clearly you don't realise how the web-site 'works'. Have you noticed that every time there is 'news', Webbo or Rob come on here and say "News on the web-site" or some such. Did you think that they say that, rather than announcing the news on here just to be difficult?


Permit me to assist.


I think that every time anyone 'hits' the web-site, Webbo gets £20 or some such sum from the man who owns the internet. He probably tells Rob that it's only 50p, mind you.


You have just cost the pair of them a couple of thousand pounds, EFMTFTV.

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Yes, but looking at the stats in the program on Saturday we've just let both our top goal scorers go (Tomlinson and Martin). Judging by Saturdays performance I just can't see where our next win is going to come from. We were dreadful. No width and no ideas at all about going forward. How many back passes/side passes did we make? I just wish some one would get the ball and run at the opposition with it, instead of kicking it as hard as they can to no one in particular!


I know getting rid of Tomlinson and Martin made have helped us finacially but, crikey, we need some inspiration at the moment! Not sure who can offer it?



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Clarke showed some promise, particularly when he ran at people, but received little or no support.


Willis looks like yet another lazy player in a team of lazy players but he took his goal well.


Campbell looked totally disinterested as though he would have preferred to be out shopping with the missus.


For me, only De Souza put in any sort of effort and I don't mean cuddling Claire before the game!


P.S. Somebody needs to spend some time with George Clark sorting out his kicking!

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