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Pred'n Lg - Wk 7 results, Wk 8 matches by 15:00, Sat 23 Oct

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Lev’red eh?  Well in the end I’m grateful for the point.

As should be the rest of you who scrambled points in the PL this week with minimal scoring competence.  I love a low scoring week – winners proudly proclaiming how they “ground out a result”, losers bemoaning that they didn’t play Luke or Cuppa-T or similar where they’d have easily run out with all three points. “I’m always so unlucky” they drone.  But huh, that’s life innit.

But do spare a particular thought for Fat Tom.  Second highest scorer of the week.  Would have strolled it against most of you – but had the misfortune to play the MACHINE that is the Dummy Team.  He’ll be back.  He’d better be – he’s got a beer festival to organise next year (what a success that was – well done all).

Anyway, Luke stays top despite a paltry one goal (lowest of the season) thanks to results elsewhere.  In Div 2 Paul C looks like he’s finally got the hang of it (after 10 years of trying), and Lord Upminster had the easiest Ozz derby win in living memory.  More questions being asked over that controversial new Director of Football up at Ozz Park.

Also in Div 2, Clive has certainly found the move up from non-league far tougher than he expected.  I understand he is reviewing his laudable policy of trying to stay part-time.  It won't work Clive - the realisation comes to us all in the end - it's a dog-eat-dog world out there and eventually you’ll have to sign some of Diamond Geezer’s overpaid cast-offs from last season (other cast-offs also available).  It’ll bankrupt you, but this is all about living the dream.

Talking of dreams, here is the nightmare of yesterday in its full gory detail.

Golden Boot award – The Dummies
Lucky B@st@rd – Joint award to UrchinYid and MikeMike

The results themselves...

FA TROPHY DIVISION - Half way through the season



FA VASE DIVISION - Also half way through the season!





Next week we break with tradition and have a Sunday spectacular.  When you see the games I’m sure you’ll agree with this - as a one-off at least.  It will be back to the drudgery of the FA Trophy and Isthmian North the following week – we need to stay grounded.

Predictions by 3pm Sat 23 October please - but if you forget all the other games are on Sunday 24th

Barcelona v Real Madrid
Ajax v PSV
West Ham v Tottenham
Man Utd v Liverpool
Cor. Casuals v Hornchurch

Roma v Napoli


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Barcelona 1 v 3 Real Madrid
Ajax 1 v 1 PSV
West Ham 2  v 2 Tottenham
Man Utd 0 v 3 Liverpool
Cor. Casuals 1 v 3  Hornchurch
Attendance: 444

Roma 2 v 1 Napoli

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On 17/10/2021 at 17:41, MikeMike said:

If I get a 3rd Lucky B@st@rd  do I get to keep it?

No, but if you keep up this impressive level of consistent spawniness we may rename the award in your honour.  c.f. Fat Tom's Alarm Clock which has sadly been mothballed for a couple of weeks.

FC Chintastico

Barcelona 1-1 Real Madrid
Ajax 1-1 PSV
West Ham 2 -1 Tottenham (we can only hope)
Man Utd 1-2 Liverpool
Cor. Casuals 0-2  Hornchurch
Attendance: 318

Roma 2-0 Napoli


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Barcelona 1 v 2 Real Madrid
Ajax 2 v 0 PSV
West Ham 2 v 1 Tottenham
Man Utd 0 v 2 Liverpool
Cor. Casuals 1 v 3 Hornchurch
Attendance: 339

Roma 1 v 1 Napoli

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Barcelona 0 - 2 Real Madrid
Ajax 2 - 1 PSV
West Ham 1 - 1 Tottenham
Man Utd 1 - 3 Liverpool
Cor. Casuals 0 - 1 Hornchurch
Attendance: 312

Roma 1 - 2 Napoli


Barcelona 1 - 2 Real Madrid
Ajax 2 - 0 PSV
West Ham 1 - 2 Tottenham
Man Utd 0 - 3 Liverpool
Cor. Casuals 0 - 2 Hornchurch
Attendance: 295

Roma 1 - 3 Napoli


Barcelona 1 - 1 Real Madrid
Ajax 1 - 0 PSV
West Ham 2  - 1 Tottenham
Man Utd 1 - 2 Liverpool
Cor. Casuals 1 - 2 Hornchurch
Attendance: 355

Roma  1-2  Napoli


Barcelona  2-1  Real Madrid
Ajax  2-1  PSV
West Ham  2-1  Tottenham
Man Utd 1 - 2 Liverpool
Cor. Casuals 1 - 2 Hornchurch
Attendance: 234

Roma 2-1 Napoli

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Barcelona 2 -2 Real Madrid
Ajax  2 -0 PSV
West Ham 2 -2 Tottenham
Man Utd 1 -2 Liverpool
Cor. Casuals 1 -3  Hornchurch
Attendance: 347

Roma 1v1 Napoli

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