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Enfield Town v Cray Wanderers

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I almost didn't make this - boiler broke down on New Years Day ,, finally fixed at 1pm so a mad dash to the game!

Yes was frustrating and 2 points dropped - but impressed with our desire to chase the game and get the equaliser!

Going forward, plenty of good interplay, and to score 4 without Mo getting one himself - what are the odds of that!

Midfield and attack wise we look good. Coker is a very skilful individual who can go far - but if he improved his decision making would be twice the player - he did brilliantly to cut out the keepers pass - but rather than square to Mo for a tap in he elected to shoot - instead of us equalising we then went down 2-4 ..

Great performance by Taaffe - he put it in the net a 3rd time but it was blown up for a handball! And his chasing of a lost cause caught the keeper out at the end. My MOM - with so many games in the month it is important we rotate and keep players fresh, and performances like this deserve a start against Lewes!

Defence wise, well a similar story for a few weeks now. .. all seemed like weak goals.  I am  told Harold was working  .. we have 4 x centre backs, not sure if we have a best 2 - I think this is an area where we need to bring someone in who can organise us better. ? Controversial: Someone like the Cheshunt 5?

No sign of the new midfielder in the squad?

Still feeling optimistic - Worthing lose at Carshalton (thanks Harry Ottaway) - shows teams will take points  off each other. Win our games in hand and we are 4 pts off the top ..

I'd say the top 10 teams would all feel in with a shout of the play offs - we must be finishing top 5 in my view ..



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Good assessment by Raingod as normal.

Ive never seen such poor defending by two teams this season, plus their GK was awful in comparison to the talent Cray had available to them on the outfield.

No easy games this season, everything is unpredictable, all we have to do is get the solid defensive unit organised again otherwise we’ll be dropping like a stone

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