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Pred'n Lg - Wk 5 results, Wk 6 matches by 15:00, Sat 19 Feb


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Outstanding v Folkestone.  I’ll leave it there.  Except to say that the bench is surely as strong as it's been since before the pandemic.

Down in the Prediction League we have a new leader – Baby Jago – so a decent start to Half Term for him.  And I’m pleased to say we finally have a bit of controversy, with deposed leader COYS launching into a post-match diatribe about Mick “bottom of the league” Bat’s "preferential treatment" from "the management" (what management?).  This is after I reminded Mick to predict, and then he rubbed salt in by copying COYS’s attendance.  It’s not exactly a Lance Armstrong/Kurt Zouma level controversy, but it’s the only one we’ve had so far so let’s make the most of it.  (Objection over-ruled BTW).

And anyway – reminding people is no guarantee of action – see CuppaT and Diamond Geezer's memory calamity.

Div 2 also has a new leader – well done Adrian, though Lord Upminster will be ruing his big opportunity to go 2 points clear after a surprise defeat to the Dummies.

Mick The Bat’s win means we have all gained at least three points, though Wivenhoe is doing it the hard way, one point at a time, to stay firmly at the bottom.  Is he going for the dubious honour of being the first manager to retain the Wooden Spoon?  See photo below of the presentation to last season’s winner Luke (trophy now “engraved” at our specialist jewellers in Hatton Garden), with Wivenhoe and his somewhat more basic - some might say phallic - trophy.  (Photo by permission).



Golden Boot – UrchinYid
Lucky B’st@rd – Not sure – maybe Sir Colin, maybe Mr D, maybe MikeMike
Fat Tom’s Alarm Clock – Messrs D. Geezer and C. Tea

End of waffle - here it all is

FAT Division



FAV Division



NEXT WEEK - by 3pm, Sat 19th Feb


Prediction Matches:

Lens v Lyon
Southampton v Everton
Luton v West Brom
Bishop’s Stortford v Worthing
Hornchurch  v  East Thurrock U

Romford v Hullbridge Sports

Cheshunt here we come.

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Lens 2 v 0 Lyon
Southampton 2 v 1 Everton
Luton 1 v 1 West Brom
Bishop’s Stortford 0 v 2 Worthing
Hornchurch  3 v 0 East Thurrock U
Attendance: 462

Romford 1 v 3 Hullbridge Sports

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Lens 0 v 2 Lyon
Southampton 2 v 1 Everton
Luton 1 v 1 West Brom
Bishop’s Stortford 1 v 3 Worthing
Hornchurch 4 v 0  East Thurrock U
Attendance: 566

Romford 0 v 1 Hullbridge Sports

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Lens 1-0 Lyon
Southampton 1-1 Everton
Luton 1-0 West Brom
Bishop’s Stortford 2-1 Worthing
Hornchurch  3-1 East Thurrock U
Attendance: 595

Romford 0-1 Hullbridge Sports


Lens 1-1 Lyon
Southampton 2-2 Everton
Luton 0-2 West Brom
Bishop’s Stortford 1-3 Worthing
Hornchurch  4-1 East Thurrock U
Attendance: 400

Romford 0-2 Hullbridge Sports


Lens 1-2  Lyon
Southampton 1-1 Everton
Luton 1-2 West Brom
Bishop’s Stortford 3-2 Worthing
Hornchurch  3-0   East Thurrock U
Attendance: 460

Romford 1-2 Hullbridge Sports


Lens 1-3  Lyon
Southampton 3-1 Everton
Luton  3-2  West Brom
Bishop’s Stortford 1-1  Worthing
Hornchurch  3-1 East Thurrock U
Attendance: 439

Romford  2-3  Hullbridge Sports


Lens  1-1  Lyon
Southampton 1-2  Everton
Luton  1-2  West Brom
Bishop’s Stortford 2-2 Worthing
Hornchurch  3-0 East Thurrock U
Attendance: 411

Romford 0-2 Hullbridge Sports

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Lens 1-2 Lyon
Southampton 2-0 Everton
Luton 1 -2 West Brom
Bishop’s Stortford 2 - 2 Worthing
Hornchurch  2 - 0 East Thurrock U
Attendance: 437

Romford 0-3 Hullbridge Sports

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