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Congratulations to The Manager of the Month

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Although I have not always seen eye to eye with Andy Leese's philosophy towards how teams should play it would be churlish of me not to congratulate him for receiving this month managers award.

Having missed the best part of half a season from what I have read, by way of this forum, it is apparent that at last he has brought together a team with the ability to succeed at this level.

 I sincerely hope that he and his staff go on to finish the job. As this will be a tribute and just reward for all those who give their time unreservedly behind the scenes for the benefit of club.

Let's all keep going!!




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Andy is a top man . Pleased for Andy .

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8 minutes ago, Albury_Walker said:

Andy is a top man . Pleased for Andy .

Shame your foul mouthed group of 6-8 ‘Grown Up’ didn’t think so when chanting unfounded ‘Sex offender’ and ‘Pedophile’ accusations at him throughout the Boxing Day game.

Mentality of your Supporters are pretty shallow and on a different wavelength to what Non League Football stands up for

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Credit where it s due

Ive had my questions this season but we have 

A strong squad

Nice mix of youth and experience

A hungry team who are willing to work/fight for each other.


Now let s finish strong.

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Posted (edited)

You sound as superstitious as me Barney. I was thinking the same thoughts as I wrote my post. About time I change my underpants.

But then I am also a fatalist and believe that what will be will be.

So in the spirit of DJW's post let's conjure up another few more wins this month so we can all enjoy a Happy Easter.

Ps. Never tried crossing my toes as well as my fingers before!!!!!! It better work.

Finally, once again a thank you to all those members who take the time to write their observations and views on each game. It has certainly helped me to stay in the loop over the last 5 months.




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17 hours ago, Theodopolous said:

Looking very likely a play off home or away to Hornchurch and after their showing against us and last nights scrappy win against a poor Cheshunt side isn’t something to worry about…. It’s all looking good…..

Always be worried and always be on edge otherwise expectations are compromised 

Up The E’s

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