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The Lowlife parties started over eight years ago – March 1995 – in New York in response to the closure of the Sound Factory. Always held in lofts, houses, apartments or studios, Lowlife is not a branded night. In fact, it didn’t even have a name for the first two or three years of its existence. Our inspiration was The Loft, but with our own sardonic British twist. Since we both moved back to the UK in 1996 they have continued in London. They are held three or four times annually. We only advertise them via an email list that we have slowly built up through our friends and their pals. We don’t announce DJ names. We don’t need to. If you come, you know the music will be great. It’s also very cheap to get in (we don’t really make money from them either). If you wish to be included on the Lowlife email list, email us here and write 'lowlife' in the subject box.


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