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Apologies for posting on this site, football forum but no option to post on your general albans site.

As you boys are in the know, do you understand what is happening.

They advertize on the radio that canabis is now counted as a drug which is the same as anti depresants then, the next day in the papers, a big advert stating that it is illegal and you will still get arrested.

I dont take the stuff, but being curious I just wondered what was the state of play. Two contradicting messages.


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It's these fascist moderators, Mark, they just don't have a clue what they're doing.


Should be all right next time if you have selected Braintre Town' as the team you support in your profile.


P.S. Two 'n's in cannabis.

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Personally i haven't actually ever done it,but that's not to say i wouldn't.I know people who do and it hasn't affected them,as for your above poem,i don't believe it does lead onto more harmful drugs..i suppose in some cases it does but if your the type of person that wants to do cocaine your going to do it anyway..

As for Dave Angel..legend!Dave Angel,eco warrior!

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This is how drugs should be classified:


Cocaine and cannabis: Legal, both are harmless.


Speed and E: Over 18s only.


Smack and Crack: Illegal, these ruin lives.


Alchohol and smoking: These kill more than any of the above, so where do they fit in?

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my recommendations are as follows


charlie and weed and e's and all that other party bolloxs should be made legal but not in public.. much like [***!!***], unless of course you are a fudger in which case you are allowed to do it in public toilets.. but i digress


heroin etc should be made into a spectator sport like reality t.v. where u can tune in and watch people totally fk themselves.. or second thoughts prob better to ban this stuff to protect the people who cant control themselves...(bloody hell im turning into a pinko caring liberal!!! makes note to buy torygraph at lunchtime to restore free market fk the unfortunate poor values)


alcohol should be for over 21's only if only to keep chav tossers out of the boozer..


smoking should be banned.. ok this is a massive infringement of civil liberties but all smokers will thank me in the end..including me

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