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Conference Ruling


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I noticed an NLP article the other week saying that certain clubs were being investigated after exceeding the new Conference budget rule.

It appears clubs can only spend (I think) 60% more than they get through the gate.


I wonder how Canvey would deal with that rule?


And, should it apply to Conf-2 would Hornchurch and Grays be able to cope on reduced budgets.


If we assume Hornchurch are paying Mark Graham £750 a week, then they need to get £500 from gate receipts or 70 non-freeloaders to pay him alone.


As Grays seem to only get about 250 through the gate, this means they earn about £1750 for each home match. Add on the 60% and you get a budget of £2000.


Either I've misunderstood or some of these clubs could be in a bit of trouble if the go up.

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its a fking stupid rule anyway .. how can you, at the start of a season, budget for playing staff when you can only guesstimate what the attendance will be over the season.. what happens if you get chelsea away in the f.a. cup.. might as well just forget the football and have a attendance competition.. i think this rule was bought in to stop clubs skingting themselves.. er what happened to living within your means? or if you take a gamble on overspending to get say promotion and get it the gamble pays off.. if not you pay the consequences.. its called business.. this is a pinko restriction of free trade

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No idea. It doesn't apply to us, although I'm sure our recently reduced budget still exceeds our income by far more than 60%.


It'll be interesting to see what happens at Canvey next season. You'll probably gain a few more through the turnstile, but unless you up the admission, I can't see the figures adding up.



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How about players on contracts for newly promoted clubs? would they have to take a pay cut so clubs aren't over their budget!?


If this ruling is true - it is nonsence.

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