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Man Ure


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and they wonder why they're hated....


The hatred between Manchester United and England fans is an unusual one that isn't often reported. Despite the fact over half of the national team also play for the reds, England fans still barrack and abuse them. Fans with those appalling St.George's Cross Man 'U' flags at Old Trafford are often instructed to take them down and anti-England songs are heard at most games.

The greatest example of the hatred between United and England fans can probably be found in Manchester city centre when the national team play their home games at Old Trafford - more recent games have seen violent clashes between the two sets of supporters that would rival any United v Leeds, or United v Liverpool game.

The reason for this rivalry is unclear - sure, United fans have never been patriotic (hence The Republic Of Mancunia), and United away trips to Europe often involve parties with the opposition's fans (especially with the Germans - although this goes unreported). England fans however prefer to riot and fight their way around Europe. Come Euro'2004, you can guarantee England will be kicked out of all European competition and knowing the fat cats at UEFA, who have no understanding of football culture, United will probably be given the same punishment for being... erm... English! Except we're not - Viva the Republic of Mancunia!


(to tune of 'She'll Be Coming Around The Mountain')

You can stick your f*ckin England up your a*se!

You can stick your f*ckin England up your a*se!

You can stick your f*ckin England,

Stick your f*ckin England,

Stick your f*ckin England up your a*se (sideways)...

to tune of '?')


We all agree -

United are better than England...

We all agree -

[opposition's name] are better than England...

We all agree -

city are better than England...

(to tune of 'Let's All Do The Conga')


Let's all laugh at England -

Let's all laugh at England -

Ha, ha, ha,ha!

Ha, ha, ha,ha.



We hate Eng-er-land!

We are Manchester!...


Arg-en-tina! Arg-en-tina!...


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Actually, come to think of it, I went to school with a Man Utd fan (born and bred in Bedfordshire, of course), and he supported Italy in the World Cup.


Mind you - you want to speak to Libro about this. He has very interesting views on why we shouldn't necessarily support England, just because we were born here and spent all our life here. Completely baffles me at times.


Ask him nicely, and he might explain it.


And then I'll come on and ridicule him!



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