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Shirt query... Ovenden Papers


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I have come into possesion of a Ricay shirt, with the shirt sponsor of "Ovenden Papers", it is made by Spall. Does anyone know what season this is from, my suspicion is around the 92/93 season, but would like this to be confirmed.

It also carries the number 6 on the back, leading me to believe it's a players shirt... does anyone know who reguarly played at #6 back when this shirt was used?


Any help anyone can offer would be much appriecated!


Masterquiff :-D

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Ryan is spot on - we only wore the Ovenden shirt for 92-93 and most of the time Micky hall and Greg Allen wore it, but at the start it was Darren Southgate's and towards the end Adrian West played in it a few times, whilst a quick flick through my progs showed one offs for Paul Taylor, Mark Jenkins and Andy Stroud (who?). Just call me King Anorak !

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