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Alan W (GNFC)

Tonights Teams

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Alan W (GNFC) said:
Now Halifax 0 Burton 4 - Halifax really are on self destruct arent they ??

Certainly are this seasons Southport, they started the year on 36pts, just 1pt from 12 games. Whereas the Fleet have gained 24pts from 12 games this year. Damn good when you consider we only had 23pts from our first 24 matches this season.

Well done tonite lads and keep it going "7th" place finish is possible!!!

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I'm not totally sure as to who is full time and who is part time - I reckon the following are results against fellow part timers :-

Aldershot - 1 point
Accrington - 1 point with away game to play
FGR - 4 points
Margate - 6 points
Scarborough - 1 point
Burton - the only side to do the double over us so far
Tamworth - 6 points
Halifax - 3 points
Farnborough - 3 points with home game to come
Leigh - 6 points
Northwich - 1 point with home game to come.

So thats 32 points from 19 games by my reckoning.

I've left Daggers out as they are part full time.

By comparison, against the other teams (the full timers), we have only 15 points from 17 games Includes the game against Daggers).

Really shows up the difference between full & part time doesnt it?

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Most of our points lost were in the first 3 months of the season, against both full & part timers.

The last 14 games (starting with Woking at home just before Xmas), have seen 8 wins, 4 draws and only 2 defeats - in that period, we are unbeaten away from home (6 games - won 4 and drawn 2). This gives 28 points from 14 games.

As noted previously, if this had been maintained through the season, that would give 84 points, which based on the table as it stands, would probably have put us second or third!! (Indeed, the Confguide table based on the period for 20 Dec to date, puts us third, behind only Hereford (33 from 15) and Chester (32 from 13))

Gives a real sense of anticipation for next season, doesnt it (if we can keep our squad together)?

We must also be top, or very close to top, of the current form table, having won 4 and drawn 2 of our last 6

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