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Chant for Roy

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The chant & the suggested melody - both spot on. Suggest best sung - in ironic mode - when he gets a hat trick at home to Farnborough.


Don't wait till then, of course. Hopefully he'll give us plenty of opportunity to sing it 'straight' at Dagenham & Telford before then.


Lennie Mac

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How sad is this? Following my own post.


The Blue Moon suggestion for Chad’s anthem to Roy got me thinking all afternoon, when I should have been concentrating on my meagrely paid work for the Great White Satan.


I think we should keep the Roy offering, even though it’s a squeeze to get it to scan (Essandoh having 3 syllables & Blue moon just 2.)


However how about this, set to the same melody, with no squeezing required? Works equally well for Man – ny or Mou – ssa:


“Mou – ssa,

You turn them inside out,

You put defences to rout,

You make us sing & shout!”


Quality, if I say so myself – and all at Uncle Tony’s expense!


Lennie Mac


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