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Reserves tonight.

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Yep, I made the right choice going to the reserve game. 2-2 result and wound up the opposition coach. Good fun! Ben Abbey got a nasty knock at the end and Matty Lee did his own Sodje impersonation by scything two players down from behind. He got the ball, though...........and possibly a chunk of calf muscle as well!

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Charlie Mitten,

Louis Smith, Mark Green, Jamie Lawrence, Matt Lee,


Luke Robinson, Matt Rouse, Rob Owen, Quisten Ludovic,


Ben Abbey, Dan Jeffrey,


Subs: Jason Long, Tom Maycock, Terry Penfold, Aiden Pursglove, Dan White.


Not sure who scored, though I think Rob Owen got one. Peter Wanless is your man for that 'cos I'd had a few bevvies before and during the match, so my judgement is a wee bit cloudy, shall we say!


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