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Willow Street Ender


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The harems of Egypt are fair to behold

Their harlots as fair as can be

The greatest of these was owned by a sleaze

called Abdul the Bul Bul Emir


a travelling brothel was brought into town

by a Russian who came from afar

the name of this great benefactor to man

was Ivan Skivinski Skavaar


Abdul drew near a ***** on each arm

his balls hanging low with desire

he bet a gold mummy that he could outw**k

that Ivan Skivinski Skavaar


they stood on the track their tools hanging slack

when the starter's gun rent the air

they were quick to the rise to the greatest surprise

of the virgin whose end was so near


all bushes were shorn no skins were worn

old Abdul he flapped like a tart

he hadn't a hope against the long steady stroke

of Ivan Skivinski Skavaar


Ivan had won and was cleaning his gun

when he bent down to polish his pair

He felt a sharp root up his back passage shoot

it was Abdul the Bul Bul Emir

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