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Blind Bigot

Good Luck Today!

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We (Hudders) don't have a game today (playing on Monday night) so I'll be keeping on eye and ear (hopefully) on the Fleet score.

Anyone know if BBC Radio Kent are covering it over the net? I'll check their site in a moment but I think last season someone said they only cover away games. We'll see!

I'm hoping to catch a game or two up t'north in the coming months!

Good Luck for today and the coming season!

kind regards


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Cheers BB - Have you seen anything of our former player during Pre-Season? Like many others surprised you are looking at him seeing he couldnt make our first team but good luck to him all the same.


Terriers move hits snag

Jackson says Sodje needs to improve
Huddersfield's plans to sign Akpo Sodje could collapse because non-league outfit Erith & Belvedere's demands.
Sodje, brother of Terriers captain Efe, has impressed manager Peter Jackson during a trial period but could now see his move scuppered.

"I am willing to give him a shot with a three-month deal, but his current club are demanding a compensation fee due to his age," said Jackson.

"I am not willing to pay the amount they are asking."

Jackson added: "He is big and strong, but still very raw and he needs to get fitter.

"I would like to assess him over a longer period and I am waiting to hear back from Erith on how they want to progress."

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