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That game is so fixed, ive been west ham 4 8 years and ive only one the league cup 5 times and the f.a cup twice.


Admitttedly i had a crap team but the past two seasons my team rules and yet nothing.


I didnt mind but two seasons ago i was top and 15 points clear after 28 games and i had only lost 1 game in all competitions but then as soon as i won the league cup i went [censored] and lost every game and finished third with exactly same teaM, no injurys.


Then the next season to stop it happening i spent 38 million pounds on players to boost my squad, again i was doing okay and was 10 points clear after 32 games but as soon as i won the league cup again i went [censored] and came third.


i also lost both times in the quarters of the champs league and the semis of the fa cup. what can i do to prevent this. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/taz.gif" alt="" />

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It happened to me in the first season so your not alone


Prehaps the dip of form at the end of the season is because your players could be exausted or they know they have won the league so whats the point of trying. Once you loose try and rotate most of the squad. I was Newcastle we lost a game and i changed most of the squad, we won the next game, then i added back a few first team players.

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