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Big J R

Brilliant Final G.P. BUT...............

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.............What will next season be like ??


Watched the final F.1 Grand-Prix yesterday. Really thrilling, but tinged with some sadness.


Jaguar out next year, and it looks almost certain Eddie Jordan will have to retire his team through lack of backing.


There's talk of allowing the top teams to run three cars in each race next season. The third team car will NOT be elligible for points for driver or constructor.


What the F'cks F.1. coming too ?


Bernie, (I've got a few bob), Ecclestone tries to slap Silverstone out of next years calender, and only relents when Sir Jackie Stewart threatens a boycott race.


Like all sports recently, money and big ego's has ruined F.1.


Comments on a post-card........................... <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/wow.gif" alt="" />

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Keep a close eye on Sir Jackie Stewart ! He's got a lot of admirers and talks a lot of sense.

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