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Fans Focus - Non League football clubs
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Number 8

Friday quiz... had to get in early..!!

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1 Dennis Bergkamp

2 Dwight Yorke

3 Nigel Martyn

4 Gary Speed

5 Jamie Clapham

6 Ugo Ehiogu

7 Dietmar Hamann

8 Shaka Hislop

9 Chris Perry

10 Alan Shearer

11 Ben Thatcher

12 Stefan Postma

13 Gary Doherty

14 David Thompson

15 Kevin Phillips

16 Darren Purse

17 Paulo Ferreira

18 Louis Saha

19 Ian Pearce

20 Robert Pires

21 Dean Richards

22 Sylvain Distin

23 Bruno N'Gotty

24 Riccardo Scimeca

25 Robbie Fowler

26 Eidur Gudjohnsen

27 Rory Delap

28 Lee Carsley

29 Salif Diao

30 Mark Delaney

31 Julio Cesar

32 Arjan De Zeeuw

33 Mark Pembridge

34 Roy Carroll

35 Vratislav Gresko

36 Doriva

37 Stephane Henchoz

38 Michael Brown

39 Geremi

40 Neil McCann

41 Matt Holland

42 Jermain Defoe

43 Darren Powell

44 Steve Stone

45 Thierry Henry

46 Gabriel Heinze

47 Steve Watson

48 Anthony Barness

49 Jim Brennan

50 Sami Hyypia

51 Fitz Hall

52 Lee Bowyer

53 Bryan Hughes

54 Sun Jihai

55 Craig Bellamy

56 Maik Taylor

57 Claus Jensen

58 Shaun Derry

59 Nigel Quashie

60 Kevin Campbell

61 Jay Jay Okocha

62 Michael Reiziger

63 Kevin Kilbane

64 Robbie Keane

65 Matt Jansen

66 Andy Johnson

67 Claudio Reyna

68 Carlo Cudicini

69 Marc Edworthy

70 Brad Friedel

71 Paul Telfer

72 Laurent Robert

73 Michael Hughes

74 Ronny Johnsen

75 Dennis Rommedahl

76 Rio Ferdinand

77 Simon Royce

78 Jonathan Greening

79 George Boateng

80 Dougie Freedman

81 Gavin McCann

82 Kanu

83 Sylvain Legwinski

84 Erik Edman

85 Darren Anderton

86 Jon Macken

87 Mark Crossley

88 Danny Higginbotham

89 Craig Short

90 Quinton Fortune

91 Alain Goma

92 Simon Charlton

93 Wayne Andrews

94 Graham Stuart

95 Riccardo Fuller

96 Craig Fleming

97 Martin Laursen

98 Martin Grainger

99 Steve Finnan

100 Carlo Nash

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I have 53as of now, but some of the spellings are really annoying me, because the ones they give are wrong. For example, it's Schalke 04, not just Schalke. Also, it says Inter Milan, rather than Internazionale...

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I knew it would be interesting for you fellas... Hope you managed to refrain from smashing up your PC's..?

I only managed 27, so don't be too hard on yourselves, it is a difficuilt quiz, and quite right, if you don't have the correct spelling, you're screwed...!! <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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well i had about 50 from not looking them up, but after searching i now have 94. 95 if i include fenerbahce but whatever way i spell it it says wrong! Its definately the badge though as i have seen it on the official fenerbahce website

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