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At the risk of sounding like Mikefleet....

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I can't wait to find out... I'm almost as excited as when Gills were relegated..!! Let's open a book on who we think will stay or go.. I'll start.


Stay: Jay, Steve Mac, Andy Drury, Bunce, McArthy, Sigere, Proths, Ports


Go: All the others...!


Bit harsh, but we gotta think of self preservation..

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I would be surprised if both Pullen and Wilko are retained, not an easy choice but I would just about prefer Pullen.

Protheroe and Skins should both be kept, I think we need to totally rethink the center backs as that is the area that caused most concern.

Midfield is our strongest area and Drury, Saunders, Macca and Lovell should be retained.

Forwards are our other big problem, Manny should be kept, I would keep Roy but I don't think Liam will.

I don't know what stage Groombridge and Moore are in their pase training but I would certainly keep both of them at least for another year.

For everyone else, thanks for your hard work but if we are to move forward we need to sign players that are good enough to consign the players mentioned above to the bench and then to next years non-retained list.

One last point, if Jacko is on the not required list, and I suspect he might be, he should get the biggest testimonial/send-off the club has ever had.

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The Truth said:
Expect an announcement tomorrow about the retained list, and expect a few surprises on the (large) no longer required list. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/shocked.gif" alt="" />

Lot of rebuilding in the summer, let's hope the manager get it right. We're at the crossroads
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