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Andy's Testimonial last night

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A good night was had by all what a fantastic evening. Didn't know who half of them were but there you go thats the plight of a new fan. Anyway I knew who Portway was and really wanted him to score. Shame about the absentees Hatch and Bullard but there you go.


Enjoyed the post match in the bar as well.


Man of the match:


Lee Ross-Lindop. Changed the game when he came on, his creative play and amazing vision set up the winning goal. Found the space to out manoeuvre his marker for a shot on goal which was spilled by the keeper for Luke Moore to smash home.

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yes it was a good night last night, shame more people couldn't of come.

Jimmy phoned Fordy in the dressing room before the match to say sorry he couldnt come because it was presentation night up at Wigan.

the names of the players being kept and whos going fulltime/partime will be announced next tuesday at the board meeting.

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Thought that he did brilliantly to hold the ball off the defender and get that shot in to set up the second goal.


Drury looked a class above last night. I know it was only a very friendly friendly but his touches were good.

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Great to see Ports in action again, but that goes without saying. Some interesting anomalies last night (e.g. Shearer in the 'current Fleet XI') but generally a good relaxing end to a gruelling season.


Disappointed that Wilkins and Che couldn't make it, but you can't have everything. Also, strange to see Spills up front, having spent his Fleet career predominantly in midfield, of course.

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Really enjoyed seeing some old favourtites last night, including Andy of course. Rob Howarth looking very streamline, Washie must be at least 6ft now, also lovely to see Perks, Aaron, Robbie Owen , Matt Lee etc etc. Jacko has a real spring in his step just like the old days!!


Well done to everyone who came along just to see Ports was worth the £5.00.


Well done to Dave and Chas, or should that be Chas and Dave well organised, but then I would expect nothing more.


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Jimmy said:
So 426 paying customers then.

Give the man a break. He has purchased a season ticket ... allegedly.

Thought Manny might have been on the unretained list, maybe they're waiting to see his injury situation. Hope he proves his fitness, as he's a great player to watch.
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Last night was really good. It was great to see some old faces back, including Portway and Spiller.


Walshie still has the pace, but his long range shooting is still as good as ever I see.


Agree that Jukebox was a cut above the rest. He really showed what he can do, and didn't stop running all night. Not too sure about Ben Surey and his passing again though!


Felt a little disappointed for Perkins. He was only on the pitch 12 minutes before hobbling off.

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Well it was not a bad game, and it was good to see some of the old players come back to support Andy Ford, to whom the club will always owe a huge debt of gratitide. The night would have been complete if we had seen Ben Surey score!!!! It was also good to see the youngsters in action for the Fleet team, Groombridge and Moore have potential and the young lad at the back looked promising as well. I hope to keep getting back to see how the team progress next season, here's hoping we continue to move forward.

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Can't agree with some of these comments. I thought it was a pretty poor game overall that was better second half than first.

It also confirmed previous performances of late:

Roy looking ineffective

Pinno trying and geting nowhere

Surey - awful. Why not released??

Drury - plenty of talent but final ball always wasted.

Skinns, Gleds - steady (apart from Skinns header!)

etc etc.

I thought these sort of games we all about attacking football and not too much worry about defence. It thought it would be 6 - 5 or something not 2 - 1!!

However it was good to see a few there (did they count the players too to up the attendance?) and to give Andy a good send off.

I think Rob Owen could still do a job for us next year. Is there any chance of him coming back?

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Errr...what ?


For a testimonial game it was pretty competitive !! I seen some games where it just turns into a fun kickabout in the second half, which was not the case last night.


But you surely cannot judge people on their performance last night ??

..or were you joking ?


Considering that it was announced that Roy & Wilko were not being retained, what did you expect ? Petr Cech & Robin Van Persie ??





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