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Is this True?????


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If there is an element of truth about it then i say Bill, and John, have been great men for our club,its true to say that there best playing days are behind them now,however if indeed they are with us next season they will shine at that level. Its that time of year the old rumour factory sure churns em out dont it,

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stayed tuned to ST Lawerence does Grange hill...


JK and Billy to Ramsgate...you're having a laugh, you only get our rejects... look at Tako, couldn't hit a cows backside with a banjo for us, nice to see he's found his level

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At lest were goin forwerd not bak like you Well continu to be the onley team in thanet as no way wil yur ground be redy. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/bootyshake.gif" alt="" />

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Oh dear. Sorry mate i dont understand the above.

What language are you writing in.

Where do you come from.

You need help. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/affig.gif" alt="" />






Well ( ah got this one. You mean We'll )







Wow YOU have a problem. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/affig.gif" alt="" />

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Well, I came from Ramsgate and can spell (we've got two excellent schools in Ramsgate, unlike Margate). I wouldn't get uppity if I were you, Margate are now only one division higher than the Rams in case you hadn't noticed and this time last year you were saying you would get promoted from the conference south easily. I would have thought that if HP is ready and you can start signing players again then you should be a strong contender in the Rymans Premier but perhaps you should wait and see what happens to your squad before getting too presumptuous (we use words like that at Southwood all the time).

We have signed Stefan Bell and Michael Yianni but I would be astonished if we signed Edwards and Keister. They will be staying at Margate surely? I don't know if any users of this forum visit Stephen McCartney's excellent Kent Football website but it's always worth a look. Very good article today on the good progress being made at Hartsdown Park for example.

www.kentishfootball.co.uk/ is the link.

See you bluenoses in the league cup next season!

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Dont think many of us were under the impression that we were going up from the conference south. The large majority of us were just happy to remain in the conf.south for a year, considering all the delays and groundsharing and loss of key players. Alas the embargo put paid to that. I still believe that even with the players we have and those that you have there is a big gulf between our two teams despite only being a division apart. Only time will tell but the best is wished for your club for next season nevertheless. You are going to need players in the mould of Edwards and Keister,though not those two in particular we hope,for the coming season. Local players with long local experience just wont do it for you. Experience (football league) will be the key and if you can aquire some it may well lead to your exsistence in the Ryman for a further year. Its going to be so much harder for you. Harder than you can imagine. This is my own personnal opinion and as just mentioned only time will tell.

Thanks for the link (though it looks very similar to that which the club has put on the front page) & good luck.

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On a "mo tako" level - remember Scunthorpe wanted to sign him as a professional, he is a quality footballer, I think chairman was harsh on him!!!


The boys banging in goals for fun at Ramsgate, and he has helped them for promotion.


He is ok, lets not slag him off.

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