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staines game

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Yep I went today. Was 0-0 when I left after about 88 mins to avoid the car cues. Very much a pre-season match, but good to get some football in. DJ Campbell hit the inside of the post for Brentford and started alongside Lloyd and Rankin hit the post second-half for Brentford as well.


Staines defended well and despite it being only a friendly Murph still got a talking to by the referee for 'voicing his opinion'! They looked solid at the back and seem to have much the same side as last season. They also had Rav Braich on trial and came on with 5 mins left as well as that goalkeeper we had a few years back during Roberts time here, Charlie Stallard (although never played but was signed on forms) who went on to play for Burnham. CJ also is still there.

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Not a bad game. DJ showed some great skills but should of scored when he hit the post. Staines Goalie for most of the match was very good. Having been standing right where Murphy was playing for the first half he was always moaning about something! If only Windsor and Slough could of got such a high profile freindly

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Did you like my Stupidly big jumper dispite it being far too hot and my rather rank grey trousers?


I really need new clothes but i rather like the grey blob look at the moment...

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