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Pre season training has begun....

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Any news on trialists or whether Manny is at pre season training or do we have to wait for the press officer at Kentonline to release the information on its website before we know whats going on? This is not a reflection on you Dave but information seems less forthcoming than ever before and nobody still knows whats going on with our own contracted players. At present i think we only have one striker on the books, McDonald. The next few weeks worry me as i think there's going to be a lot of panic over signings. We should have had a few more players lined up to come into the club when their contracts were terminated with their previous clubs.

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I agree it is a worry,but as were in a lot of competition with other more wealthy conference clubs this is always our role,and nothing seems to change.

Liam Daish has been saying for the last weeks how he has players in mind but is unsure as to which ones to go for, today (according to the NLP) he is quoted as saying that a striker is his top priority.

It is frustrating to get so little feedback from the club as to what is happening your'e inclined to feel that nothing is!!! that is obviously not the case, we just have to be patient and hope we get the players we need.

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The market does seem slow since the full-time contracts ended, but all round there's not many players being snapped up. Aldershot haven't signed many after getting rid of a lot of good players, I haven't seen too many Conference teams radically changing their squads (Canvey have signed Bunce so far, that's it!)... and even the Arsenals and Chelseas of this world aren't doing much in the transfer market.


Signing people is so 2004...

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