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Guiness not genius


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A stranger walks into a bar and orders three pints of Guiness which the barman serves up. The stranger takes a sip from the first, a sip from the second, then a sip from the third. He continues this until all the pints are finished, then leaves the bar. The same thing happens then next day, and the next. The barman asks the stranger the next day

"Why are you doing that, why not just drink them one at a time?"

"Well you see me and my two brothers always used to have a drink together everyday, but now they have gone off and joined the army and gone to war and I've just moved here but they made me promise to uphold the tradition until they get back"

The barman nods his understanding, this goes on everyday for two weeks until one day the stranger comes in and only orders two pints of Guiness which he takes in turns at sipping until they are finished, the barman serves him but feels a bit awkward. It takes him a further three days of this before he says,

"Look mate, I hate too bring it up but I'm just too curious, I'm really sorry but has something happened to one of your brothers?"

The man looks up and smiles,

"Oh no nothing like that, I've just given up drinking!!"

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