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is that all you got? 36 days?

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Millwall have parted company with Steve Claridge after a spell of just 36 days in charge, and appointed Colin Lee as their new manager.

Upon relieving the 39-year-old of his duties, the club released a statement which read: "The board of directors believe it is in the best interests of the club that this move is made now.


"[it will mean] a new manager can be appointed quickly ahead of the start of the season. Colin Lee will be taking over with immediate effect."


Claridge's departure caps a turbulent summer at the New Den after chairman Jeff Burnige quit after only two months at the club and four key players - Darren Ward, Paul Ifill, Peter Sweeney and Danny Dichio - were sold.

Lee, who revealed he had expected only to become a part-time coach, has yet to sign a contract with the Lions. He said: "It was a decision that nobody really expected. Steve was going to ask them if I could help out with the coaching on a non-contract basis.


"I left Steve with [former chairman] Theo Paphitis and set off back to the Midlands after the game with Gillingham on Tuesday. Steve wanted to get the permission of the board to take me on, and the meeting ended with his being dismissed. But I have not done anything wrong, to Steve or to anyone else. It's not in my make-up."

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laughing at claridge, actchuarally.


goes back to when the eastside were giving claridge some stick about gambling problems when his weymouth visited the bridge.


suppose you had to be there...

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you might remember him shouting to (dizzy?) "Is that all you got?" after a ladbrokes comment...


that plus his articles in the non-league 'paper' means that every misfortune that befalls the man will be greeted with huge amounts of schadenfreude from the eastside.

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