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Getting fed up with.............

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.........turning my TV on everyday to hear Muslim this or Muslim that. How have they been offended today, yesterday etc etc.


I have no particular anti-muslim agenda but come on, at the end of the day they are just another religion (oh sorry we have to say faith now, another lesbian left PC decision). Why should thay be heard anymore than any other religions in this country. You don't hear Hindu's, Shieks (excuse spelling),Bhuddists,Greek Orthodox, Jews, or CofE (rememeber them) whinging and whining like this.


There are some within the Muslim community (and not just those who resort to terror) that will not be happy until Islam is the way of the world, and f*ck anybody who does not want that.


We can all live together in this country if we all try, whatever we ideally want,we have to live together, we have no choice. So efforts have to be made to stop any one group creating the Chelski of Faiths.


Following on from this, it seems like becoming a Muslim is some sort of fashion statement,as we are seeing more white westerners converting to it.......what's that all about. Again it's a bit like the sudden upsurge in so called Chelsea supporters!

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Starting to agree with you Boroman, after that bl00dy cleric the day before yeaterday saying it was 'About time that Britain joined the Muslim World with Muslim laws.......'


EXCUSE ME, but I thought our Queen was the Head of the CHURCH OF ENGLAND !!!!!!

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