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Football Manager 2005 Players

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Have you got any amazing plyers that no ones ever heard of well if you have post them on here let everyone no what brilliant players you have found i found franklin simek, john spicer, adam birchill, scott carson, SUPAT RUNGRATSAMEA, Freddy Adu. just post what players you think are good

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OllieLong said:
Is that Chris Duffy?

No, Chris Duffy is the Canvey Island full-back, (plays D/DM RL)

As for players that are good, everyone seems to love John Spicer. I have him too for Canvey, got him on loan from Arsenal then bought him on the cheap.

Other cheap-ish/free players worth getting at the beginning of the game are:-

Jimmy Benefield, Stuart Darby, Gavin Skelton, David Hall and Daniel Huggins.

Worth adding to your shortlist for the end of the season when contracts don't get renewed are:

Paul Harrison - GK (Liverpool)
David Armstrong - SC (Hearts) He's only about 16 but is quality if you snap him up.
Terry Dunfield - MC (Bury)
David Fox - DMC (Man Utd)
Andrew Fisk - MC (Norwich)
Lee Ridley - D LC (Scunthorpe)
Liam Nicell - D/DM RC (Burton possibly)

If you've got a bit of cash and can prize them away, also worth going for are:

Steve Woods - Torquay
David Morley - Doncaster
Adam Tann - Cambridge
Scott Cousins - St. Albans
Joe Keenan - Chelsea
Craig Woodman - Bristol City
James Harper - Reading
Simon Brown - West Brom
Lewis Guy - Newcastle - BEWARE he costs over £1,000,000!

Most of them are Defenders or Forwards as I had a bit of an age and injury crisis so if you want Midfields go for the ones I mentioned above.

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