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Got my d600 and set it up to use vodafone wap and let it load to first page and all fine - samsung mobile thing with links to news and whatever. it took 16p credit though for being on there for such a short time and i thought vodafone had free WAP????


i have a load of o2 sims like 300 texts and ill get some through soon 300 if you top up £10, 500 texts if you topup £15, 100 if you top up £20.


however does anoyone know if they offer free WAP? iv been told as long as i have credit i can use all my text messages up and still get on the internet. also i have a tip to get proper websites via WAP. this is because some people get free WAP on contract but cant have proper internet pages like this - or so they think. think it is widly know but dont know if i can post it so PM if you dont know it.




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lmao yea you have to slide it to use the phone and no i wont use all the functions WAP cost nearly a quid to check my emails. i have videos of our goals on there though. and can record 60mins video and if i get a memory card tomorrow i can record upto 4 hours

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