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Greetings from Watford

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Great to see City back in business. I've written something for www.bsad.org - the unofficial Watford website, about last nights game - see below. <p>Hope to get down to a few more City games when I can. Keep up the good fight, St Albans needs a successful City.<p>--------------<p>Saints and Sinners?<p>Funny game football, you only ever have one true love, in my case the beloved Hornets, whilst for most fans they have a soft spot for one or two other clubs. It isn't the same thing as for your real love, but it still counts in a slightly flirtatious way. For instance, the non-league team down the road, it prays on your mind about going to see a game, if I go will be unfaithful to my one and only? Last night I went and watched St Albans City, down at Clarence Park and had a very enjoyable evening. <p>City fans were just glad to see some football, after being deprived by a Ryman League ruling due to their financial situation. Whilst the players were a bit rusty, being without competitive football for a couple of months, the 1-1 draw with Hendon was thoroughly enjoyed by the 530 fans present. The game itself might not have been of "Premier League" standard, but was certainly £7 entrance money well spent. <p>What a contrast, a club on the point of extinction and a club who financially have never had it so good. Watford fans should realise, comparatively we are in a different league; with proposed corporate East Stand tickets costing upwards of £5,000, St Albans were selling season tickets for £200, which includes an additional £80 contribution to the club coffers. <p>Watford fans are currently moaning about this and that, (do you really need me to elucidate on what) whilst City fans are very concerned that the club has a secure future. A very humbling experience, if you are a genuine football fan. <p>Without clubs like St Albans, Hayes, Wealdstone, players like Ian Wright, Les Ferdinand, Stuart Pearce wouldn't have had a later opportunity to get into the professional game. Baldock Town, from whom the Horns signed Kevin Phillips, sadly went to the wall earlier this season. Other clubs are similarly vulnerable. <p>Compare and contrast, Watford are spending £8 million on a new stand, St Albans needs just £100,000 to survive. The weekly wage bill is probably £3,000 for the City squad, whilst some of Watfords bigger earners probably take home significant multiples of that figure.<p>Watford are fortunate that the financial future looks pretty good - and long may it continue. It is right that the club moves forward and builds a team and facilities suitable for top-level football. We as fans have to be patient, as Luca builds the team and the club builds the ground, we all know it isn't all going to happen overnight without one or two brick-bats along the way. Meanwhile City's horizons are much more limited.<p>Whilst Watford will always come first, if you are ever stuck for a game, give a thought to getting down to Clarence Park to catch City. You'll have a good afternoon or evening out whilst also making a small contribution to their survival.

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