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Mr and Mrs Canvey Island - Cast your votes

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As this proberly won't be on the Canvey board for long, her's essex premier beauty compertition<p>In the Mens

Number 2024


Kev from Near the prominade, likes fishing and always eats what he catches!

Intresting fact - Kev once tried to commit sucicide by jumping in front of a train, but decided to get on it instead and went to southend for the day!<p>Number 456<p>minger056.jpg

Darren (Daz) lives near Mothercare and works in a warehouse, he recently passed his fork lift exam at the 5th attempt.

Intresting Fact - His favorite Spice Girl is Baby spice.<p>Number 8923minger068.jpg

Cottee Dicks Redknapp Smith lives above the jelly eels stall, he sells ice cream for a living and often used his own blood on the ice creams to save on sauce.

Intresting fact - Cottee has only been abroad once - to Benfleet<p>And the Ladies!!!!!<p>Number 666


Sharon is reigning champ (or chimp) she has spent the last year preforming offical duties including opening the sewage works and campaining for a school to be put on the island to help the next generation.

Intresting fact - Sharon is half canvey half Harlow.<p>Number 785


Trace lives near the bus shelter, she writes the words Canvey in the sticks of rock on account of here ability to spell.

Intresting fact - Trace actually is the most profitable person on the island on acount of the CSA payments due to her!<p>Number 789


Shelly Denise Van Outen Smallpox lives over Poppins (Canvey's only resturant) She is employed by highley sucessful local football club Southend United to roll the pitch.

Intresting Fact - Shelly once survived a terrible harpoon attack while swimming to the Isle of Grain for her holiday!<p>Please cast your votes!

The Grand final will be held at Kings Holiday Camp in July.

The winner will receive a bottle of blue nun, speed garage nation CD, a free season ticket to Canveys Islands new 65000 seater stadium, spoliers for their capri and a luxery holiday at Kings Holiday camp, Canvey island<p>But as we know with all these compertitions there are no winners, only losers!

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......My choice would be the young woman with the massive rear end that was standing with the St Albans supporters last Saturday

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Mine would be the blond slapper nurse that gave EFM a load of grief in the first half - real charmer she was.<p>"Mummy, please don't bring home another man tonight" her pre-school son was heard to say at half time.

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