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why is it that C2C Get Away With it AGAINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

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Below is an e-mail that I have sent to Customer Services regarding the service Via Rainham station from Pitsea.

If you feel as strongly as I do about this injustice to us, please add your name and pass on to everyone that you know that uses this line, and send on to custrel@c2crail.co.uk





Customer Services.


You introduced a new timetable on the 10th December which for the travellers the alight at Rainham station was pure heaven, for the first time in years, we actually had trains that we could get on.


In Rainham there has been a regeneration of the housing boom, with new houses being built from Dagenham Dock up to Purfleet, but the train service that we have could not cope with this, consequently 4 carriage trains and irregular train times meant that in rush hour from 06:30 the trains that are 4 carriages only by the time they reached Rainham were packed solid, and we have to fight to get on, because the next train maybe 15 minutes later, and of course this would also be 4 carriages.


So with the introduction of the new timetable not only did we have a better service with trains being 10 minutes apart in rush hour, but they were also 8 carriages, which meant that when they pulled into Rainham not only could you get on, but you were more likely to get a seat !.


Now to my horror, you say customers have been complaining, and you are going to revert back to the old timetable, which I have been told that for us at Rainham we are back to 4 carriages, packed trains, and an irregular service.


If you must revert back to the old timetable I for one do not mind about the irregular service, but to have 4 carriages back on this line is ridiculous. The surveys that have been carried out at Rainham have all told the same story, our trains are too packed.


Thats Progress for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Resident of Rainham and frequent Traveller on the 'Misery Line'

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Trying to get anywhere over the Xmas period is going to be a major hassle with the engineering works on C2C. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/angry.gif" alt="" />

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Barry_Scott said:
well the first day of the new First Great Western timetable saw mass cancellations and breakdowns galore. Plus, my journey to work takes 80 minutes door to door, but my journey home takes 110 minutes

Funny that...when I started work back in 1967, it took 21 minutes from Harold Wood to Liverpool Street....and now, well almost 40 years on it takes...32 minutes.
On the plus side trains during the day are every ten mins and the service is normally reliable. But good old 'one', who are still suffering severe financial problems, have now reduced the carriages from 8 to 4 during the day, which does save a fortune in rent to Network Rail.
I also have to take SW trains from Waterloo and the service on that line is impeccable. Trains every THREE minutes.
Don't think in over a year I have even had time for a fag on Wimbledon station before the train comes in!
Nice new trains, with GUARDS!! Clear concise announcements (depending on his/her ethnicity), so all good and no bad in my opinion.

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This morning c2c reverted to it's old timetable.


The train turned up on time, there were seats available, the train arrived in Fenchurch on time, I got into work on time.


All this in the first time in a month. Well done to c2c for listening to their customers. Now, can we have more carriages please?



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