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On this day, April 27th, 2002.


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It was a lovely day, think that their keeper was sent off, and when our players missed the target when we were 7 - 0 up the fans chanted 'what a f****** hell was that'


Full time all the kids ran onto the pitch


First game I took my son to

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Had the chance to see either the last game at Craven Cottage (Fulham against Leicester) or last game at Hartsdown as told both grounds would be redeveloped after the end of the season.


I went to the Fulham game which ended 0 - 0 (the only good thing was Robbie Savage got injuried) whilst my mother in law took great delight texting me every time a Margate goal went in.

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On this day, 27th April 1955 Margate beat Chatham Town, who apparently played with a spirit and combination which belied their lowly (Kent) league position, by 2-1 at Chatham with goals from Lionel Phillips and Peter Vandepeer. Wing half Vic Pilcher was playing centre half and injured his knee making it necessary for him to hobble for "the rest of the second half" on the wing.


However, the following day 28th April 1955 Margate Reserves beat Chatham Town Reserves 6-1 at Hartsdown and the report above appeared in the programme of that match , which I believe makes it makes it worth an "On this day" mention today in case it doesn't get mentioned tomorrow. And there were no e.mails, video phones then!



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