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Fa Cup Final Predictions!!!!

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Chelsea 2 Cole, Lampard - Man U 3 Rooney(2), Ronaldo



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My prediction is that I'm less likely to get wet this weekend as I'm sitting in the highest tier whereas, last weekend, I was in the lower tier near the front and got soaked when it rained!


As for the game, I suspect that it will be fairly tense and is highly likely to boil over. I therefore predict that the team that keeps the most players on the pitch for the longest will win, but I won't be surprised if it goes to penalties.

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Originally Posted By: Gavin
But I dont give two craps aobut over paid prima donnas in who play for chelsea and man u, which is why I choose to watch non league football!

Gavin, without the cream of the game (and the money) being at the top there would be nothing for non-league, semi-professional football to aspire to and, therefore, absolutely no point in there being an Edgware Town, Potters Bar Town, Kentish Town, Hertford Town, Canvey Island, Haringey Borough or any other club you care to mention. If you feel that strongly about the professional game, you should consider turning your back on Edgware Town and the semi-professional game as a whole and give your allegiance to an amateur club playing under the Amateur Football Alliance banner, the last true bastion of the Corinthian spirit remaining in the game.
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Bore off Gav, plenty of over paid prima donnas in Non-League as well!!

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